Mug for Google: the Softpad Mug

The modern promotional mug

Mug for Google: the Softpad Mug

Innovative mug with logo for Google

An innovative company needs innovative promotional product ideas. That is why the Softpad Mug with its modern materials ideal to Google. It is at least as popular as our Coffee-to-Go mug, and just like this Mahlwerck mug, you can only get the Softpad Mug from us!
Mug printing is the easy and cost-effective way to make porcelain CI-compliant! By means of Transfer printing the Google corporate identity is presented effectively, true to color and absolutely scratch-resistant. The pad was produced in Google's corporate color to match.

Mug design for printing:
Shape 352 Softpad Mug
Finishing technique:
Transfer printing (partial decor)

Content: 0.35 l
Diameter: 85 mm
Height: 105 mm
Weight: 360 g

Material: Porcelain / Silicone
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Available quantity:
Country of origin: EUCN
Customs Tariff Number: 69111000
Packaging unit: Carton of 6
Quantity, packed in transport carton:
Quantity, assembled on half pallet:
Quantity, assembled on Euro pallet:

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Engraving surfaces

Engraving area standard: 20 cm²
Engraving area extended: 30 cm²

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