Shape 901 - Espresso cup

Espresso Tasse - Geschirr bedrucken

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Inspiration for your gastro tableware! In our design ideas, we provide suggestions for how ready-made cups and mugs from Mahlwerck Porzellan look. Any brand can shine. Whether printed, glazed or engraved - you can request identically designed products directly from our design ideas.

Shape 901 - Espresso cup

Branded Catering

Sie haben die Wahl: Kombinieren Sie die Espresso Tasse 901 aus unserer Gastro & Catering Serie mit dem runden Unterteller 801U in oder dem ovalen Unterteller 901U.

Content Ceiling: 0.05 l
Filling quantity: 0.06 l
Diameter: 50 mm
Height 65 mm
Weight: 105 g

Material: Porcelain


All Mahlwerck finishes are available from 250 pieces. We can process your offer much better if we know how your cup(s) should look like. Simply upload your logo afterwards!

1st edition

You can choose several support heights. Then you will receive a quote for the different supports.

2. white or color cups & mugs

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White mold as the basis for all other options.
Colored full glaze for exterior and/or interior in HKS or Pantone colors.

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Country of origin: EU
Customs Tariff Number: 69111000
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