Design Coffee To-Go Mug

Limited edition coffee to go mug printing



Design Coffee To-Go Mug

Cult design on cult cups

At the Dutch company Automotive Mugs legendary cult cars take center stage. Together with Mahlwerck, the design of selected racers is transferred to high-quality cups and mugs - which then become icons in their own right. The limited editions made of porcelain are every bit as popular as their tire models. They are selling like hot cakes and are an impressive demonstration of how a creative idea and perfect implementation can make a difference on the market. really step on the gas with an online store for merchandising mugs can.

Printed 2Go Mug:
Form 345 - Coffee2Go reusable cup
Finishing technique:
Transfer printing standard

Content: 0.4 l
Diameter: 90 mm
Height: 130 mm
Weight: 360 g

Material: Porcelain
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Available quantity:
Country of origin: EUCN
Customs Tariff Number: 69111000
Packaging unit: Single carton
Quantity, packed in transport carton:
Quantity, assembled on half pallet:
Quantity, assembled on Euro pallet:

The Mahlwerck 2Go lid

Color Profile Item no.
Standard white Without closure DC0000

Silicone banderoles

Color Profile Wide Item no.
Standard white Nubs 20mm wide

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Print areas

Outside printing area

Engraving surfaces

Engraving area standard: 20 cm²
Engraving area extended: 30 cm²

Design Template

Data preparation

Finishes used