Excentra - The crooked plate

Excentra - der schiefe Teller

Easy to spoon out!

With Excentra you can eat any soup with ease!

The 'crooked plate

The idea is simple but ingenious: the floor of 'Excentra' is not flat.
That is why any liquid in this soup plate flows to one side.
This way you can spoon out the last bit of soup.
The plate remains untouched and does not need to be lifted.
A real treat for all people with style and good manners!

The Red Dot Award 2016 for
Excentra - the crooked plate

Suppenteller - So funktioniert der schiefe Teller Excentra - Mahlwerck Porzellan

Invented by Claus Röting of Crimex back in 2002, the plate lacked only one feature to date to be successful in the catering industry, but this problem has now been solved!

New: stackable!

The 'leaning plate' is not only a great promotional idea, it can now be used in the restaurant industry due to its stackability. Whether it's a restaurant or a corporate canteen, 'Excentra', the leaning plate stays straight when stacked and can be built up into tall towers.

The use of the crooked plate is not limited as a soup plate. Creative chefs come up with all sorts of things with it and surprise their guests!

Der Suppenteller Excentra ist jetzt auch stapelbar

The crooked plate
for printing, engraving
and glazing!

Röting and his designers have now done a great job in the development. Mahlwerck Porzellan, as the manufacturer of the new 'Excentra', has ensured reliable and functional production.

In its new edition, the inclined plate is made of high-quality porcelain in the EU. Almost all Mahlwerck® porcelain finishes are possible: starting with simple engraving in porcelain, through transfer printing - also with photo-realistic motifs - to combinations, e.g. printing with engraving. The editions start at 100 pieces.

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to the mold 250 Excentra

Excentra, the crooked plate
- the advantages -

  • Inclined plate bottom
  • Pleasure with style
  • without tipping and spilling
  • surprising for guests
  • Innovation in gastronomy
Schöner Teller für die Gastonomie zum Bedrucken

The lowest point is marked with the Excentra symbol on the bottom.
Served with the symbol to the guest.

The crooked plate to the
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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain